Scheduling calls is SUPER simple. So is rescheduling them.

We do ask that you be thoughtful and courteous in doing so - regardless of whether you are the member or the expert. Everyone is busy - so doing your best to avoid a reschedule is best for everyone.

Once your request is made, or a call is scheduled, it's always possible to re-schedule or cancel the call. It's heavily frowned upon to do so without notice though.

You can re-schedule your call by going to Me > Calls. 

There is currently no financial repercussion to re-scheduling or canceling a call that has already been accepted - but we can't be sure it won't impact your karma - mostly depending on how much notice you give!

Final charges are made based on the time that you and the expert were on the conference line that we provide. If a call is cancelled, you will be refunded in full. See What happens to my money if the call is cancelled?